Simulated time series of sea surface CO2 content and flux and biological parameters

Marine Carbon Cycle

Fields from two marine carbon cycle hindcasts are available from the MICOM-HAMOCC-M model. Both runs are spun up over 800 years.

Run 1 uses prescribed atmospheric CO2 concentrations (run CONC). Run 2 uses prescribed atmospheric CO2 emissions, allowing a feedback of the oceanic CO2 uptake (run EMIS).

Run CONC show very good agreement with the data-sets for pCO2, primary production, temperature and salinity; especially in the Nordic Seas. The model is validated for Ocean Station M; here the model performs well.

Modelled trends for the last 50 years are analysed. Temperature, salinity, dissolved inorganic carbon, alkalinity, silicate, and oceanic pCO2 show positive trends in the Nordic seas. Collectively, the arctic CO2-uptake is steadily increasing within the last 50 years, while the CO2-uptake in the Nordic seas is stagnating for the last ten years. This alarming finding is confirmed by the results of run EMIS.


The data of both model simulations are stored as netCDF-files on two external external hard drives at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Bergen and amount altogether to 1 Terabyte. Please contact the author for further information.

Further information on the simulations

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