Sea Ice volume flux through Fram Strait 79N


The following files are archives containing data for 3 different parameters, again containing one file for each of six ICESat campaigns.

Grid cells for all data sets are centered on 79 deg N and from 5 deg E to 15 deg W (i.e files have 21 values (rows) for every parameter and every campaign)

  • FramS_79N_iceflux_Area

Ice area flux extracted from the time series of K. Kloster based on SAR and passive microwave observations. 4 columns contain:

(1) ice concentration (%) (2) ice displacement per time interval 3-4 days (km), (3) azimuth angel (deg) (4) area ice flux (km2/day/deg). All values are given for ~ 79 deg N latitude with 1 deg step from 5 deg E to 15 deg W, i.e. 21 values (21 rows) for every parameter and every campaign.

  • FramS_79N_iceflux_Volume

Volume flux computed by multyplying area flux (above) and IceSAT sea ice thickness. 3 columns contain:

(1) sea ice freeboard (cm), (2) sea ice thickness (cm), (3) sea ice volume flux (0.01*km3 day^-1). Missing cells:-999. Data have been averaged over grid cells 0.2 deg latitude by 1 deg longitude

  • FramS_79N_iceflux_Vol_Smoothed

Same as previous file, but thickness data are averaged over 0.4 deg latitude by 2 deg longitude. This data set has less mising values than the unsmoothed one

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