mean sea surface model covering 50 years for the Arctic Ocean


Project deliverable 2.2.1

The Monarch-A 50 years Mean Sea Surface model for the Arctic Ocean is made available on a 2 minute resolution for the Arctic Ocean covering the region north of 60.98333N and have been made available relative to two ellipsoids:

Relative to the TOPEX ellipsoid                 MONARCH-A_MSS_TP

Relative to the WGS-84 Ellipsoid              MONARCH-A_MSS_WGS84

Both models are available for download at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Space official website, but will shortly become available at the Monarch-A website as well. The official web address for currently download via the DTU space is

Both models are available as .grd ASCII file format and .xyz ASCII file format.

Contact Information
Ole Baltazar Andersen