Ice thickness and snow density Arctic



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Tab separated columns containing:

A - year,
B - month,
C - date,
D - latitude,
E - longitude (+ eastern, - western),
F - ice thickness on runway (cm),
G - snow depth om runway,
H - thickness of surrounding ice,
I - snow depth on surrounding ice,
J - region or snow density
K - remarks

Courtesy of:

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Bergen and

Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, St. Petersburg

Data have been collected in the Soviet Union's high-latitude airborne annual “Sever” (“Sever” means North) expeditions, which took place in 1928, 1937, 1941, 1948-1952, and 1954-1993 [Romanov, 1995]. The expeditions took place mainly from mid March to early May, and ice thickness, ice freeboard, snow depth, as well as several other ice parameters were measured. After airplane landing ice thickness was measured at 3-5 locations 150-200 m apart on the runway, and, when second-year and multiyear ice prevailed in the landing area, at 10-20 points on the neighboring ice floes and at fresh fractures. The obtained values were averaged and used for analysis [Romanov, 1995]. The raw data set of these measurements is available on NSIDC server and consists of raw data files from 3771 aircraft landings, beginning in 1928 and ending in 1989. 

Ref. Vitalij Aleksandrov

Link is to the original, unreduced dataset:

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