NISE - Norwegian Iceland Sea hydrography


Detailed documentation of the data set is found in the file report_NISEdata_v3.pdf, attached below. To access the data, please read the terms of use and contact the responsible person listed below

The hydrographic variables included in this version (V3) of the NISE dataset1 are temperature, and salinity. The measurement of these variables are either done by collecting water samples in (Nansen/Niskin) bottles for later analysis and reading reversible thermometers, or electronically using a CTD (Conductivity Temperature Depth)
sonde. In the latter, depth is given by the pressure and from the three variables the salinity can be calculated. The CTD is a relatively modern instrument, but bottle sampling are still used especially for calibration of the
electronic data.

Update 2009:

Quality control/Caveats
Final outlier control has only been performed on the complete COMBINED dataset (the one found on your DVD).
The complete set has been put through a general outlier removal using the intervals 0.1-38 for salinity, 0-6000 m depths, and -2-30C temperatures as accepted values.

Changes since last version
 Expanded area southwestward to 64W, 47N.
 ICES data completely reloaded february 2009
 HYDROBASE2 included (new)
 XBT data included (new)
 FFL input updated
 MRI input updated
 ARGO floats updated

 The supplementary raw CTD data collection is not updated, and is in practice discontinued and considered as represented by the rather densely decimated CTD-profiles in the main dataset.

Contact Information
Jan Even Øie Nilsen
Phone Number: 
+47 55 20 58 00
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